10 Glamorous outfits worn by Instagram superstar Leich Perlig / softsparkling

Leich Perlig is a stunning German model and Instagram celebrity. She has millions of fans on her all social media sites. In a relatively short period, she has amassed over 1.6 million followers on Instagram. She maintains a self-titled YouTube channel in addition to running other media accounts, where she posts her lifestyle videos.

She has been featured in several fashion publications, including Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Vogue.

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Let’s talk about the ten trendy and stylish outfits that attracted her admirers the most. 

Romper style dress:

When we look at the glamorous side of the celebrity, she is stunning. According to an Instagram post, the lady appeared in a trendy jumpsuit with pantyhose. This sexy outfit helped her to get over 286k likes on just one Instagram post.

A stylish top with leggings:

This is the ideal dose of style inspiration because it features both her own styles and the newest items from the VB range. In this post, she wore a pastel pink top with matching leggings. To complete her outfit, Liech Perlig has styled an elegant, layered chain necklace. 

A Trendy Bodycon Outfit:

Here, the hot lady is spotted in a maroon bodycon outfit with a broad neckline to show her beauty. Liech always keeps her feed’s focus on fashion by demonstrating how to wear the newest street style trends each season.

Simple Bodycon Outfit:

To show her decent side, the celebrity is dressed up in a blue bodycon outfit with a high neckline and pairs it with joggers. She is obsessed with kind of outfits from notable brands to make her every look glamorous as she can. 


Leich Perling is wearing a comfy grey shade jumpsuit. As usual, she has paired it up with the simple antique double-layered chain necklace. A jumpsuit is an ideal dress when she wants to feel comfy as well as make her look trendy at the same time. 

Crop t-shirt with leggings:

The influencer loves to pair up the cropped t-shirt with leggings and boots. This is a perfect pick for getting out in the summer or autumn season. Leich always set her wardrobe to keep the latest trend and her comfort level in mind. 

Printed Top with leggings: 

In this photo, the sizzling lady has grabbed a brown cheetah print top with a deep neckline and paired it with black leggings. To make her appearance more stunning and attractive, she has chosen the ponytail hairstyle, which depicts her incredible fashion sense. 

A Crop top with leggings:

Leich always preferred pants on leggings. She is sported in a decent black top with a deep neckline which is paired up with Nike Joggers, a watch, and a pendant. Checking out the celebrity’s Instagram page will allow you to see even more of her distinctive styles, which have made her famous throughout the world. 

Stripped top with printed trousers: 

The model has donned a stylish white striped top, green trousers, and yellow print. She always looks comfortable in a top with leggings or trousers. 

Off Shoulder Bodycon:

To show her intriguing and alluring side, the lady is dressed in a stylish off-shoulder bodycon outfit with a maroonish tone. With this trendy outfit and no makeup look, Liech proves that she has flawless beauty. 

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